Romance Expert and Presenter Tiffany Wright

Romance Expert and Presenter Tiffany Wright

Tiffany Wright is a Romance Expert, Journalist and TV Presenter.

Tiffany started her career writing sex and relationship features for top national women's magazines including Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Marie Claire, Company and Elle. She was swiftly made the Sex and the Cosmo Girl columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine and then because Nuts magazine's Sexpert, offering men and women worldwide advice on dating, relationships and romance.

Tiffany is Founder and Director of UK and Europe's first Romance Planning company 'The One Romance' where she helps plan all sorts of romantic experiences - from marriage proposals and dates to wedding anniversaries. The One Romance has won numerous awards (including the prestigious Jacqueline Gold 'Women in Industry' award) and have gathered a strong celebrity following. It is fast becoming the 'go to' company for anything romantic.

As an award winning Romance Expert, Tiffany also offers 'romance consultations' for men and women who need some guidance when it comes to dating and romance. If you are interested in these course then please contact Tiffany on to find out more.

Prior to The One Romance Tiffany set up the UK's first proposal planning company and became a full time proposal planner, helping men and women all over the world propose in unique and amazing ways.

Tiffany has 6 part TV series on Sky called "The Proposers", where she was filmed running her business and arranging out of this world proposals.

Tiffany is a regular on the TV/Media circuit offering advice on all things "romance". She has regularly written for magazines and national newspapers and has appeared in The Daily Mail, The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Evening Standard and Stylist . She has also been interviewed by Fox News, BBC News, ITV, Sky and Lifetime.

Tiffany has written two romance novels and is currently writing her third.



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